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The Road To Recovery After A Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are exceedingly common – according to the Michigan State Police, there were more than 312,000 car accidents in our state in 2018, resulting in nearly 1,000 fatalities and more than 75,000 injuries. Even when your injuries are not life-threatening, they can easily be life-altering. Your car may be totaled, you may lose income because of the days you cannot work while you are recovering, and you may require surgeries, special medical equipment or physical therapy to heal.

Although one of the first things that car accident victims are advised to do after a crash is call their insurance company, the next call after that one should be to an experienced personal injury law firm. Anthony, Paulovich & Worrall focuses on helping accident injury victims recover the compensation they need to rebuild their life and their health. We understand how insurance companies operate. Unlike them, we put your interests first.

How We Can Help You With Your Accident Claim

If you are injured in a car accident, your focus should be on getting better, not juggling paperwork or fielding phone calls from insurance company representatives. Our legal staff can:

  • Sit down with you at a free initial appointment to discuss the circumstances of your accident.
  • Help you calculate the amount of your claim, including losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, hospital bills and rehabilitation costs.
  • Speak on your behalf with insurance companies, who may try to use recent reforms to Michigan’s no-fault laws to lower the value of your claim.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement outside of court, so you can start using your compensation to aid your recovery.
  • Litigate on your behalf if settlement talks fail to produce an adequate result.

Insurance companies count on your need for money to squeeze you out of funds you legitimately can claim. Hiring our firm shows you are serious about getting a fair deal. Our attorneys do not back down when your well-being is on the line.

We Stand By You Every Step Of The Way

Our firm has offices in Dearborn and Southfield and serves the entire Detroit metro area. To arrange a free consultation with a car accident lawyer, call us at 313-924-1305 or contact us using our online form.