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For too many individuals, it can seem as if the insurance company holds all the cards after an accident claim is filed. If you were injured in an accident, many insurers will attempt to minimize your suffering, blame you for the accident or try to get you to accept a lowball settlement offer. If you are a medical provider who has rendered aid to an injury victim, the insurance company can delay or deny your payment claims for months. This behavior damaging, as it relies on the victims – you – not having the time or knowledge to pursue what they deserve.

The law firm of Anthony, Paulovich & Worrall focuses on representing personal injury plaintiffs and medical providers who have been denied insurance-based payment claims. We understand the insurance company’s obligations to you, and we make every effort to make them live up to them. Our attorneys have practiced before local courts, the Michigan Supreme Court, federal district appellate courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. This reputation puts insurance companies on notice that our clients have hired a firm that will help them fight for their compensation – going as far as necessary to achieve a positive outcome.

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Our firm’s attorneys collectively have decades of experience in personal injury law and related practice areas. Although negotiation and litigation with insurance companies is a common thread of the work we do, our firm does far more than that. We handle cases that include:

Talk with our experienced legal staff. We understand what you may face as you seek the funds you need to recover or to maintain your business income. And we can help you receive a fair and adequate settlement or award.

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