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Electronic log rules might not reduce trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Trucking accidents could cause disastrous injuries and death, so extra legislative and regulatory steps aim to reduce collisions. For example, a fatigued driver who violates the hours-of-service rules should not be on the road. Electronic logs keep track of service hours and breaks, but the logs don’t appear to be reducing accidents.

The electronic logs don’t always deliver

The Supply Chain Management Research Center released results from a new study that reveals federal requirements to keep electronic trucking logs aren’t cutting down on accidents. Surprisingly, incidents of truck accidents increased after the rules went into effect.

Some people may assume that the mandate is a failure, but no one knows what accident statistics would look like had the mandates not gone into effect. Drivers who spend too many hours on the road and refuse to take breaks could put people at risk. Using drugs and various stimulants to remain awake might cause intoxication. Even substances used to keep someone alert might contribute to a crash.

Many reasons for truck collisions

Several factors could contribute to truck or motor vehicle accidents. A driver may feel fatigued from the flu, lose concentration and hit another vehicle. Such things might happen even to a truck driver who took all mandatory breaks.

Electronic logging creates evidence that could work against negligent truckers and trucking companies in court. However, there are many other common reasons for accidents, including texting and driving, not properly maintaining the vehicle and speeding. Such behaviors reflect negligence, and negligent parties may face a civil suit if they cause an accident.