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What are the biggest risks to teen drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Distracted driving |

Every year in Michigan, teens get their driver’s licenses and hit the roads. As they start to become accustomed to driving, they are still more at risk of accidents.


Teens are inexperienced drivers, which can pose higher risks of a car accident. They may not know how to react to certain situations or may react too late to prevent a collision.

Driving with friends

When a teen driver has friends as passengers in their vehicle, it can spell disaster. While some kids are responsible and careful, others may be more likely to behave foolishly. For example, the passenger might want to dare the driver to do something obviously dangerous, which could result in a car crash. Teens are more likely to get into a fatal wreck when they have two peers in the vehicle with them.


Although drivers of all age groups are prone to exceed the speed limit on occasion, teens are very likely to engage in this risky behavior. When they drive too fast, it significantly increases the risk of a deadly crash. Speeding can make it even more difficult to react in time and slow down or stop when it’s necessary to avoid danger. This is one of the biggest reasons for fatalities among teen drivers and passengers.

Distracted driving

Teens are more likely to engage in other activities while driving that can divert their attention from the road. From using a cell phone to text, use social media or talk, conversing with friends in the vehicle, eating or fiddling with the car’s controls, distracted driving puts teen drivers at serious risk.


Driving while fatigued is dangerous for anyone. Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to serious car accidents. The vehicle can hit a guardrail or even veer into another lane, causing an accident that could result in injuries or even death. Teens should not get behind the wheel when they haven’t gotten adequate rest.