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Truck dangers highlighted during recent Michigan crackdown

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

As Michigan residents are keenly aware, any auto accident can cause catastrophic injuries and loss of life. Some, however, are worse than others and this is due to the sheer size of the vehicle and the speeds at which they are traveling. Such is the case with a truck crash.

Despite advanced technology designed to make the vehicles and the roads safer, truck accidents continue to be a problem. Federal legislators, safety advocates, local lawmakers and law enforcement strive to find solutions to the issue, but it seems to be continuing unabated.

Recent steps were taken with various crackdowns. These highlight the potential dangers people are confronted with. When there is a truck crash, those who were hurt or saw a loved one lose their life should be fully up to date on how to hold truckers accountable.

Michigan cracks down on commercial trucks

Recently, Michigan State Police initiated a crackdown on commercial vehicles on Interstate 94. This was part of an “Eyes on 94” campaign to watch for truckers who were tailgating, passing other vehicles improperly, showing improper lane use, driving while distracted and speeding. These are some of the most frequently cited reasons for auto accidents in general. When it is a truck accident, it can lead to deadly consequences.

The goal was to emphasize to truckers that their behaviors can be the catalyst for collisions that leave others who are in smaller vehicles in jeopardy. This came about on the heels or a prior initiative called Operation Safe Driver Week.

Held in early October, law enforcement in the U.S. and Canada made nearly 11,500 traffic stops to address unsafe activities. Close to 4,500 citations were given and almost 5,800 warnings were issued. The overwhelming majority of citations and warnings were given to commercial drivers. The same problems mentioned above were prevalent during the campaign.

People need to know what dangers persist

Truckers are on the road for an extended period as part of their job. That could lead to them taking liberties with the law to get to their destination faster. They are also prone to thinking their experience gives them the ability to multitask and do so safely. Unfortunately, they are wrong and it leads to truck accidents.

Extended time on the road could lead to drowsiness. Using a cellphone or navigation app can spark distraction. Speeding makes it harder to stop when traffic ahead slows to a crawl. These are some of the concerns that people should think about when they share the road with a large truck.

After a truck accident, those injured will be confronted with enormous medical costs and a questionable personal and professional future. If they have lost a loved one, the emotional impact can be immense. There are options available to make a full recovery. Knowing what steps to take is imperative from the start.