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Worst times to drive

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Everyone in Michigan wants to avoid auto accidents as much as they can. Certain situations like being lodged in congested traffic that is skirting the speed limit can present problems, but the typical motorist in a low-intensity situation usually drives intently and defensively. However, that is not always the way many others drive during certain stretches of the day, and there are indeed some times that are more dangerous than others.

The morning rush hours

One of the most stressful and dangerous times of day to drive is during the morning when many people are on their way to work. Distracted driving among many on the road is common, as many commuters eat breakfast or even put on makeup when behind the wheel. And this is not to mention the use of cell phones or listening to music inside the vehicle, all while most drivers are in a rush because they could be caught in a traffic jam along the way. Car accident attorneys often see morning rush hour accidents as part of their caseload.

The evening rush hours

The real truth about potentially the most perilous time to drive is that the evening rush hours are most dangerous. This is generally because the time spans are also combined with normal traffic that increases often based on other events such as holiday weekends and specific festivities on normal calendar days. Congested and aggressive traffic flow is common in these stretches of time as well, and many drivers are susceptible to a motor vehicle accident during these time periods.

Overnight driving

While the number of accidents is greater during the evening drive times, the truth is that more fatalities occur in overnight crashes between midnight and 4 a.m. This can be due to differing factors, some of which include drowsiness and fatigue. It is difficult to concentrate when either of these issues are present for drivers, and all motorists traveling overnight should be particularly aware of this statistic.