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Distracted driving is a problem

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Distracted driving |

Motor vehicle accidents in Michigan can be reduced if drivers use more caution. However, there are endless ways to be distracted by technology and other things both inside and outside of vehicles. Dealing with the risks of distraction is something you can do by understanding its nature.

The importance of paying attention

The moment a driver’s focus changes from driving, they’re distracted. Likewise, when their hands or feet move from the task of driving, the driver is distracted. Motor vehicle accidents can happen within a moment’s notice, so making smart decisions and responding to hazards calls for constant attention to the road.

The core issue with all distracted driving is that it makes both the driver and others on the road unsafe. Everyone has a duty to follow the law and be cautious while behind the wheel.

The extent of distracted driving

News reports show that 90% of those convicted of distracted driving admit to texting behind the wheel. Motor vehicle accidents have been on the rise, so every driver should know that it’s unsafe to be distracted by their phones. Despite the risks, drivers are simply not taking the right precautions; they’re writing messages at the wheel and reading them too.

Motor vehicle accidents in Michigan

A moment of inattention while sending or reading a text behind the wheel can lead to a serious car accident. It’s possible that a phone company can provide records that a court uses to prove a driver’s negligence at the moment of a collision. Proving negligence of the liable party may result in a settlement for the injured car accident victim.