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Are some car features too distracting?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Distracted driving |

Can technology actually be causing car accidents? Motor vehicle safety has improved with the addition of new features. However, some technology may be having a bad effect on auto safety. Residents of Michigan may want to learn more about how technology causes distracted driving.

Dangers of distracted driving

The fatal motor vehicle accident rate increased 18.4% during the first half of 2021. It was the largest jump since the year 2006, as reported by the NHTSA.

The report stated that distracted driving caused 8.7% of all car crash fatalities. Organizations, such as AAA, are researching how new technological systems cause accidents for drivers. A report by Progressive says that the following may cause distracted driving:

• Hands-free Bluetooth phone calls

• Head-up display systems

• In-vehicle “infotainment” systems

Hands-free, not accident-free

While hands-free phone calls have the purpose of increasing safety, that is not always the case. Although the driver may not have to dial the phone, the call can be just as distracting, allowing a driver to miss an exit or need to brake suddenly.

Heads up

These systems display information on the windshield, such as remaining fuel. They can be a distraction. Heads-up messages that display a text may also be dangerously distracting for the driver. Drivers should not use these systems for entertainment.

Driver screens require more attention

Touchscreen controls on the flashy infotainment systems offer a danger because they require taking eyes off the road, distracting the driver. Google and Apple have reportedly been working for years to make their devices safer. Progressive thinks that these should be in use rather than some of the new technology, which can add to the confusion of the driver.

Insurance and safety reports suggest that recent technology may be the cause of many motor vehicle accidents. Distracted drivers who have a car that features safety technology can still end up causing accidents due to their negligence.