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Truck proposal focuses on safety and road congestion

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Truck Accidents |

Large trucks may be necessary to our economy, but they can add to traffic congestion and they pose a risk of serious accidents.

A new measure under consideration in the Michigan legislature would stop large trucks from using the left lane on freeways that have at least three lanes. When construction is taking place and the road is limited to two lanes, the truck must use the right lane. For safety, this would not apply when the truck is making a wide turn, if there is danger with certain exits or there is a construction zone.

The main objective of the law is to lower traffic congestion. This is an ongoing discussion across the nation on well-trafficked roads and in cities. Some cities are moving forward with congestion pricing where drivers would be charged when they enter specific areas at various times of the day.

Those who are opposed to the Michigan bill say it would make the roads more dangerous and could cause more collisions. It has already passed via committee but is not guaranteed to pass as negotiations continues.

Currently, there is a law in place mandating which lanes trucks that are more than 10,000 pounds can use. They are limited to one of the two lanes on the right of the road. An exception is when they are turning left. Truckers are already asked to remain on the right, but there is limited enforcement. The new bill would change that.

Statistics for large vehicle crashes – including buses – were troubling in 2023. The State Police reported there were more than 15,000 such crashes across the state. While this was a minor improvement from 2022, it is still problematic given the severe consequences of a truck crash.

Trucker representatives are against this bill and similar concepts that have been proposed in states across the nation. They say that the more newly implemented and experimental rules truckers need to follow, the less safe the roads will be for everyone.

Knowing the steps after a truck crash is vital for victims and families

There is no doubt that trucks are vital to the economy and to people’s lives. They deliver food, consumer goods, medical equipment and much more. Still, many drivers’ compensation hinges on getting their deliveries to the destination on time. Some might be flexible with or outright ignore the laws to achieve that goal. That includes going beyond the legal amount of time spent on the road, speeds at which they travel and adhering to traffic regulations.

A collision between a truck and a smaller passenger vehicle can cause immense damage and injuries. Often, those in the smaller vehicle will be horrifically injured or lose their lives. People in this situation not only need to consider how they will recover from the crash and its implications, but they should consider the process to holding truckers, their employer and the insurer accountable for all that was lost.

After a truck accident, gathering the necessary information and taking the appropriate steps is key and that may require qualified, experienced advice from professionals who are ready and willing to help.