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Drunk drivers: an ever-present nemesis on Michigan roads

| Nov 30, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Most drivers in the Detroit metro area and elsewhere across Michigan are duly conscientious. That is, they well appreciate that the state’s varied roadways are corridors where constant vigilance is required. There are outsized and multi-sources risks that can instantly play out at any time on a given street or highway section. Good drivers know that.

Unfortunately, not all motorists score a passing mark when it comes to prudence and competence. That is amply evidenced by Michigan motor vehicle crash statistics, which are underscored in one legal source referencing a police-authored study. Findings from that report centrally include these key takeaways relevant to a recent year:

  • Well more than 300,000 motor vehicle accidents
  • Almost 1,000 crash fatalities
  • 75,000-plus nonfatal injuries

Prime catalysts contributing to Michigan motor vehicle crashes

Virtually any list of crash-inducing agents will include a similar list of entries. Negligent motorists drive too fast. They tailgate, weave recklessly in and out of traffic and sometimes pay no attention at all to what surrounds them. They play with pets, call friends and family on cellphones, engage in grooming activities and more.

Tragically, that “and more” reference prominently spotlights alcohol use. Some individuals are notably impaired before they even turn the key and pull into traffic. Some continue to drink when behind the wheel. The implications of such behavior are both clear and deadly in a shockingly high number of cases each year.

Truly sobering: Michigan drunk driving statistics

The national ignition interlock company ALCOLOCK presents a number of telling – and, candidly, sad – DUI-linked numbers and statistics relevant to Michigan that flatly underscore what is an eminently serious problem across the state. Data culled from the state’s 2018 drunk driving audit prominently highlight these points:

  • On average, nearly 10 crashes daily involving alcohol use
  • Alcohol the core contributor in 174 accidents involving 187 fatalities
  • Approximately 4,600 nonfatal injuries suffered in alcohol-linked crashes
  • Nearly 32,500 breath or blood tests administered to suspected drunk drivers

The tragic downsides of such crashes for innocent individuals and their loved ones can never be overestimated.

The law does what it can to help victims in the wake of a DUI-tied crash or other vehicle accident involving negligence. A legal remedy marked by maximum compensation can go far toward assigning accountability and helping to deter future misconduct. Importantly, too, it can provide victims and survivors with resources that be applied toward highly varied needs.