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What happens when a motor vehicle accident didn’t cause damage?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents happen with great frequency on roads and highways throughout the United States. Many drivers aware of crash statistics in Michigan could feel relief when they are involved in an accident that shows no damage to anyone’s vehicle. Things may look okay at the scene, but the problems might reveal themselves at a later date.

Time may reveal vehicle troubles and physical injuries

Mechanical troubles might arise not long after the accident. Perhaps the next morning, oil, transmission fluid or coolant collects on the ground. The fluid leak could be the result of the accident the previous day. There may be other issues that require repairs, such as wheels ending up out of alignment. Someone has to pay for these associated repairs, so can you seek a claim from the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Injuries might not be apparent until later as well. Those injuries could even turn out to be serious ones. Ultimately, it may require some time to pass before discovering whether the accident inflicted harm.

Following post-accident procedures

Even with a minor accident, it is best to follow the necessary post-accident steps. Getting the other driver’s name, contact information and insurance information is advisable. You may also want to get any witness contact information.

Consider installing a dashcam if there isn’t one in the vehicle already. If the other driver leaves the scene, the dashcam footage could capture the make, model and license plate number. The audio and video footage might also reveal answers to questions about who is at fault.

A seemingly minor motor vehicle accident could turn out to have caused vehicle damage and even injuries. Those suffering personal injury or property damage after an accident may wish to call an attorney about the next steps.