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On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Being highly regarded in Michigan as a personal injury lawyer is only possible with the help of a proven reputation. The expectation of local citizens sets a high bar; legal practices only stand out when the people they serve respect their results. Lawyers at Anthony, Paulovich & Worrall now rank among the state’s leading attorneys. Building reputations like theirs takes time and community. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating the reputation of your potential team:

How soon can I communicate with an attorney?

Availability is a metric that rates how responsive a legal team is. Communication is not only important when defining what a case actually is. You need clarity when arguments then get presented in court, so rank your potential firms on how well they listen.

The road to recovery from a motor vehicle accident calls for legal support, but such means nothing without direct communication. The sooner you speak with someone, the sooner you can be confident of finding a potential solution.

Do I need to look for specific credentials?

The required credentials of a law firm in Michigan start with meeting regulatory and licensing standards. After obtaining law degrees, qualified professionals need bar admissions to practice in their state. Look for experience as a qualifying factor as well.

Is it important to know the past cases of my attorney?

The prior cases of every attorney should tell you their track record or how they’ll likely perform. Past reporting is so important that top firms even stay updated on the historic rate of fatalaties versus vehicle collisions. Seeing how laws have changed in relation to statistics gives some practitioners insights into leading your case.

Why excellence is only a beginning phase

Going directly to a law firm with a high-ranking public reputation is only a single step. Building a relationship with a team you trust requires you to also start a conversation. The integrity of a top team is consistent before, during and after a trial. Find the ideal attorney for your motor vehicle accident, and be sure to use Anthony, Paulovich & Worrall as a good example.