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Top 10 most dangerous intersections in Michigan

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you’ve been driving in Michigan for a while, you probably have a few intersections that you like to avoid. Certain intersections tend to have more accidents than others, and it’s usually a smart choice to just drive around them.

Michigan’s most dangerous intersections were ranked based on crash data from 2020. The list may help you to plan safer trips if you happen to be driving through any of these areas. Most of the intersections are located in the Detroit metro area.

The 10 worst intersections in the state

1: 18 ½ Mile and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, 131 accidents
2: 11 Mile/Interstate 696 and Van Dyke Avenue in Warren, 124 accidents
3: U.S. 131 and Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids, 114 accidents
4: Martin Parkway and Pontiac Train in Commerce Township, 110 accidents
5: Schoolcraft Road and Telegraph Road in Redford Township, 108 accidents
6: Burton Street SW and U.S. 131 in Grand Rapids, 89 accidents
7: Orchard Lake Road and 14 Mile in Farmington Hills, 89 accidents
8: 12 Mile and Interstate 94 in Roseville, 88 accidents
9: Telegraph Road and 12 Mile Road in Southfield, 88 accidents
10: Conner Street and I-94 in Detroit, 79 accidents

What makes an intersection more dangerous?

There are several factors that contribute to more motor vehicle accidents happening at certain intersections. In some areas, crashes could be more frequent simply because there is more traffic. Other times, the problem may be broken signs, a lack of traffic lights or speed limits that don’t make sense for the area.

Who is at fault for an intersection accident?

When there is a multi-vehicle crash at an intersection, determining who was at fault can sometimes be complex. If one driver ran a red light, for example, the victims might have to get eyewitness testimony or security camera footage to prove that. If you have been injured in an intersection crash, it’s a good idea to gather as much evidence as possible to prove what happened.